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7 June 2024 / Metal
7 June 2024 / Reviews
4 June 2024 / Metal
4 June 2024 / Hardcore

Danish hardcore quartet, Demersal, are not ashamed of the “screamo” or “emoviolence” tags. Their music searches for melody in chaos and revels in vocal expressions of overflowing emotion that would…

29 May 2024 / Metal

Italian quartet, Syk, are an example of perseverance. Signed by Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records for their 2016 sophomore album and lauded as the next big thing in progressive death metal,…

27 May 2024 / Dark

Decline and Fall is the new project of three Portuguese veterans. The industrial and EBM underground will know Armando Teixeira as the creative force in Ik Mux and Bizarra Locomotiva.…

22 May 2024 / Metal
19 May 2024 / Metal