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21 January 2022 / Metal
20 January 2022 / Metal
20 January 2022 / Metal

Hertfordshire duo, Dreadbeggar, finally release their debut EP after sitting on it for four years, and it’s full of nasty riff-fuelled guitars. This is sludge metal the old school way…

18 January 2022 / Metal

Those of you watching the rise of Infected Rain over the last decade will know that the Moldovan quintet sharpen their song writing skills and expand their ambition with each…

13 January 2022 / Metal

The ex-Soviet Republic of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia is an unlikely location for a black metal band to emerge, but Darkestrah have six albums to their name since their inception…

12 January 2022 / Metal
10 January 2022 / industrial

Following 2020’s solid debut offering, Isabella Chains is back once again with more venom, more grit, and an upgrade to her studio equipment. Scream Blast Repeat applauded Eternally Ill upon…

7 January 2022 / Metal
6 January 2022 / Experimental