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22 May 2024 / Metal
19 May 2024 / Metal
16 May 2024 / Metal

When you think of Florida’s death metal pioneers, you think of Death, Morbid Angel and Obituary. Deicide emerged from the Tampa Bay scene a year after Slowly We Rot and…

15 May 2024 / Metal
14 May 2024 / Experimental
11 May 2024 / Reviews

Dutch quintet, Dool, are the great hope for the future of rock in the Netherlands. Critics and industry insiders in their country want them to succeed on the international stage…

10 May 2024 / Metal

Dublin metal quartet, Uragh, began life as an aspiration of guitarist, Marcelo Varge, before he turned his vision into a reality by recruiting a bassist and drummer. Things fell into…

9 May 2024 / Reviews