Extinction A.D. – Chaos, Collusion, Carnage & Propaganda EP

Long Island, New York is the residency of the world’s most famous unidentified serial killer, yet it also plays host to one of the best metallic hardcore bands in the USA. Formed in 2013, Extinction A.D. give new meaning to the word ‘intense’ and make it their mission to infuse their hardcore sound with the type of gigantic riffs that made Prong such an influential force back in the day. In celebration of their recent signing with Unique Leader Records, they present us with a new four-track EP that should make your mouth drool. Chaos, Collusion, Carnage & Propaganda is a throbbing assault of chunky thrash and hardcore punk that will take the wind out of your sails like a rabbit punch from Mike Tyson.

One thing you can guarantee from an all-action metal band is a pulverising ride from the first note, and Extinction A.D. are no exception to this rule. Yes, they subsist on d-beats and utilise gang vocals on opener, ‘Chaos’, but the guitars crunch like automatons and the vocals of Rick Jimenez roar like a Long Islander stuck in a mile-long traffic jam. You could call them a technical thrash band playing hardcore or even muscular groove metal, but both speculations reach the same end point – sonic GBH. You’re not even sure where the first song ends and the second one starts due to the frantic nature of the music. Blink and you’ve missed the earth-shattering palm-muted riffs of ‘Collusion’. Imagine Suicidal Tendencies with Prong’s Tommy Victor supplying the guitar rhythms. The rapid alt-picking scrapes on the bottom two strings sound like the buzz of a thousand dragon flies trapped in a one-foot square tank.

Only one question persists throughout the ten minutes of precise bludgeoning on this EP – how frigging violent is this music? ‘Carnage’ is like Machine Head in ‘Blood for Blood’ mode. The audio mix and engineering here are a triumph of adrenaline-fuelled rage captured at its most urgent. Listen to the sharp incision of the guitars. Hark, the thunderous drums. Tense your muscles as the violent blows rain down on you like field gun artillery.

A rousing cover of Sepultura’s ‘Propaganda’ is the ideal way to bring things to an end, yet, somehow, they surpass the intensity of the original and make it their own. It reminds you that the Brazilians were doing this stuff way before Hatebreed, but Extinction A.D. are more than just a homage to the greats of yesteryear. We can call this protest music, a way of life or blue-collar rage. The point is that Extinction A.D. need to be on a stage where they can be heard. Their instincts are anti-authoritarian, their outlook is anti-corporate. Corruption and abuse of power must be rooted out like rotten teeth.

These Long Islanders are that rarest of artists from the hardcore scene – riff lords in punks’ clothing. This is a metal record with a capital M. It’s also a wake-up call to the disillusioned global citizenry.



Release Date: 05/11/2021

Record Label: Unique Leader Records

Standout tracks: Chaos, Carnage

Suggested Further Listening: Prong – Zero Days (2017), Sepultura – Chaos AD (1993), Borstal – At Her Majesty’s Pleasure EP (2021)