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17 July 2024 / Metal
16 July 2024 / Metal

South Carolina grindcore crew, Slugcrust, suggest by their name that they’ll be as appetising as a nosebleed sandwich, and they don’t disappoint. Now on their fourth record and third EP…

15 July 2024 / Metal

Trog deserve respect because they’re from New Jersey (aka Noy Joyzee), and if you don’t like them you can expect to have your skulled caved in. This reviewer is an…

11 July 2024 / Metal
6 July 2024 / Metal
5 July 2024 / Metal
28 June 2024 / Metal

Québécois grindcore sextet, Apes, progressed through the Canadian underground the old school way by releasing demos and EPs in the first five years of their career. They unleashed their debut…

27 June 2024 / Hardcore

Candy aim to make heavy music “that’s interesting to people who might love Youth of Today and might also love My Bloody Valentine or the Stone Roses. I think that’s…

24 June 2024 / Metal