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1 December 2022 / Metal

The Slovenian duo that released 2021’s Conversing with Ghosts EP are now a quintet, but their identities remain guarded on their debut album. Each member presents only the initials of…

29 November 2022 / Metal
24 November 2022 / Metal

Evangelos Vasilakos composed one of the ugliest noise assaults of 2021 with the debut Chestcrush record, Vdelygmia. Now, the multi-instrumentalist has a new band to enhance his vision thanks to…

21 November 2022 / Album of the Week
17 November 2022 / Metal
16 November 2022 / Metal

A deal with Unique Leader Records is the absolute ceiling for most brutal death metal (BDM) bands. The monotonous chug riffs, absurd drum triggers, and strangulated gurgle noises alienate ninety-nine…

10 November 2022 / Metal
8 November 2022 / Metal
7 November 2022 / Album of the Week