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22 October 2020 / Metal
20 October 2020 / Metal
14 October 2020 / Metal
13 October 2020 / Metal

Heathen are one of the Bay Area originals who helped to spearhead thrash metal in the wake of Metallica, Exodus and Testament, yet they never achieved the commercial success of…

7 October 2020 / Metal
1 October 2020 / Metal

Eight Lives Down are like a school of excellence for professional musicians across the world. Based in London and Leiden (Netherlands), vocalist Aliki Katriou leads the quartet with the remaining…

30 September 2020 / Metal

France’s Mortuary started out in 1989 and were darlings of the underground demo scene before their debut album, Hazards of Creation, put them on the same touring circuit as Coroner,…

29 September 2020 / Metal
22 September 2020 / Metal
22 September 2020 / Metal

Metallic hardcore quartet, Reserving Dirtnaps, are from Memphis, but their sound is synonymous with the Big Apple. Think vitriolic hardcore, furious guitar chugs and macho gang vocals with a man-on-the-street…