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26 May 2022 / Metal
25 May 2022 / Metal

Wisconsin death metal veterans, Jungle Rot, are one of those bands that make you question why so many overlook them. Consistency is synonymous with the group, and their gravitation towards…

24 May 2022 / Hardcore

Californian hardcore legends, Terror, are one of the most enduring bands of the last twenty years, but few extreme metal fans realise how much their music crosses over with their…

13 May 2022 / Metal
3 May 2022 / Metal
2 May 2022 / Hardcore

James ‘Metal’ Monteith is the resident metalhead in Tesseract, a bit like the role Jim Martin had in Faith No More. During lockdown, he and long-time friend, Jon Reid, revisited…

28 April 2022 / Metal
22 April 2022 / Metal

German thrash stalwarts, Destruction, will always be known for their classic 1985 debut, Infernal Overkill. Many cite it as a proto-black metal album, and you can hear its influence on…

20 April 2022 / Metal
13 April 2022 / Metal