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24 May 2023 / industrial
11 May 2022 / Reviews

Hamburg-based Greek artist, Deamien Raven, is a metalhead with a passion for synthwave and horror film imagery. Like anyone with FL Studio, a MIDI controller, and a decent laptop, he…

30 November 2021 / Reviews
26 October 2021 / Reviews

Dynatron’s musical mastermind, Jeppe Hasseriis, is back with his first album since 2015’s Aeternus but no less motivated by his chief obsession of inter-planetary exploration. As one of the most…

24 August 2021 / Dark
11 June 2021 / Reviews
3 June 2020 / Reviews

Little is known about the creator of this illusive EP. Opian is the pseudonym project of Texan metalhead, Eddie Cantú, and this is his first stab at writing electronic music.…

14 May 2020 / Reviews