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24 November 2021 / Dark
30 September 2021 / Dark

Swedish avant-garde quintet, Blodet, are post-everything. With new singer, Hilda Heller, making her recording debut and three new compositions to boot, they’re ready with their Cult of Luna and Refused…

26 August 2021 / Dark
25 August 2021 / Dark
24 August 2021 / Dark
19 August 2021 / Dark
11 August 2021 / Ambient
1 July 2021 / Dark

Sundrowned is the brainchild of Norwegian artist, Jone Amundsen Piscopo, who aims to merge black metal with dark ethereal music in the same way many blackgaze bands have tried (and…

22 June 2021 / Dark

American darkwave giants, Lycia, belong in the category of non-metal bands that assert a major influence on the darker and more experimental side of heavy music. Everyone from My Dying…