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19 November 2023 / Metal
9 October 2023 / Album of the Week
3 October 2023 / industrial

LA quintet, 3Teeth, did more than any other artist to keep the flame of industrial metal alive in the last decade. Other than Author & Punisher, it’s hard to think…

26 April 2023 / Metal
24 January 2023 / Metal

Norwegian noise terrorists, Frostbitt, aim to disrupt. Their music is as iconoclastic as metal can be with riffs that resemble dupstep drops and glitchy squeal effects that sound like a…

9 December 2022 / Metal
9 December 2022 / Metal
6 October 2022 / Metal

Any band that market their music as “modern metal” usually have a nefarious agenda to infuse their music with pop and hip-hop. You can expect glitch effects, R&B-inspired autotune vocals,…

4 October 2022 / Metal

What happened to Novelists FR? They started life as an exciting progressive metalcore band and became a regular fixture at the UK Techfest. Their influence can be heard all over…

1 September 2022 / Metal