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13 March 2024 / Metal

California metal unit, Contortion, have a long history and a short discography. They formed in 2003 and released two albums before founding guitarist and vocalist, Brian Stone, left to join…

24 February 2024 / Metal

‘One day, Infected Rain will write a masterpiece,’ predicted Scream Blast Repeat when reviewing the band’s 2022 Ecdysis album. ‘They’re not there yet with album number five, but they should…

19 January 2024 / Metal
19 November 2023 / Metal
9 October 2023 / Album of the Week
3 October 2023 / industrial

LA quintet, 3Teeth, did more than any other artist to keep the flame of industrial metal alive in the last decade. Other than Author & Punisher, it’s hard to think…

26 April 2023 / Metal
24 January 2023 / Metal

Norwegian noise terrorists, Frostbitt, aim to disrupt. Their music is as iconoclastic as metal can be with riffs that resemble dupstep drops and glitchy squeal effects that sound like a…

9 December 2022 / Metal
9 December 2022 / Metal