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5 February 2024 / Metal
3 August 2023 / Metal

How do you make sludge metal interesting to those that want it to be something other than grim? Brooklyn quartet, Somnuri, are not about to sugar-coat it with sorrowful shoegaze…

5 July 2023 / Metal
24 September 2022 / Metal

Dallas quintet, I Am, might have a silly name, but they’re serious about their art and determined to pull their influences from a spectrum that incorporates metallic hardcore through to…

10 September 2022 / Album of the Week
5 May 2022 / Metal

Florida is famous as the world capital of death metal but not so much for the deathcore offshoot that offends so many of the old guard. Into this fractured landscape…

13 April 2022 / Metal
24 March 2022 / Metal

New Orleans heavyweights, Crowbar, have been bringing their brand of sludge to the masses since 1989. Guitarist, vocalist and band leader, Kirk Windstein, is the sole original member and only…

20 January 2022 / Metal