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9 October 2023 / Album of the Week
14 September 2023 / Metal
8 August 2023 / Metal

You don’t find many grunge revival artists that evolve into a metal band. The pejorative term for the former is post-grunge. Some people in America lampoon it as “butt rock”,…

3 August 2023 / Metal

How do you make sludge metal interesting to those that want it to be something other than grim? Brooklyn quartet, Somnuri, are not about to sugar-coat it with sorrowful shoegaze…

1 July 2023 / Metal

Krista Van Guilder might have a quintessential Dutch surname, but she’s synonymous with Massachusetts in the Northeast of the United States. A veteran musician in the state’s doom metal scene…

19 May 2023 / Metal
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31 May 2022 / Metal
18 May 2022 / Reviews

English trio, Puppy, are the type of heavy noise experiment NME and The Guardian cover as a sop to their small number of readers with a passing interest in metal.…