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8 May 2024 / Metal

How many bands can say that they pioneered two genres of music? The Melvins fanbase and critics lay claim to them being the forefathers of grunge and sludge metal. You’ll…

29 March 2024 / Metal
21 December 2023 / Reviews
9 October 2023 / Album of the Week
14 September 2023 / Metal
8 August 2023 / Metal

You don’t find many grunge revival artists that evolve into a metal band. The pejorative term for the former is post-grunge. Some people in America lampoon it as “butt rock”,…

3 August 2023 / Metal

How do you make sludge metal interesting to those that want it to be something other than grim? Brooklyn quartet, Somnuri, are not about to sugar-coat it with sorrowful shoegaze…

1 July 2023 / Metal

Krista Van Guilder might have a quintessential Dutch surname, but she’s synonymous with Massachusetts in the Northeast of the United States. A veteran musician in the state’s doom metal scene…

19 May 2023 / Metal
10 May 2023 / Reviews