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9 June 2021 / Reviews

Eric Smith fronted the Virginia-based hardcore/screamo band, The Catalyst, but the chances are you’ve never heard of them if you’re a reader from outside the USA. They split in 2016,…

8 June 2021 / Reviews
4 June 2021 / Reviews
3 June 2021 / Reviews

This is a pop album. Pop with an onomatopoeic =*POP*=! An effervescent burst of unembarrassed noise. It is shiny and hollow, like the snap from a burst bubble, and as…

2 June 2021 / Reviews
27 April 2021 / Reviews
5 April 2021 / Reviews

If you were putting together a supergroup of the most influential musicians of the alternative rock and metal scene that dominated the 1990s, the chances are you’d assemble current and…

23 March 2021 / Reviews
16 March 2021 / Reviews

Sometimes you sift through your vinyl records and come across The Pixies and Butthole Surfers among the extreme metal and dark post-punk bands in there. You think, “Oh, I haven’t…

2 February 2021 / Reviews