Dear Diary – Matt Downes (Casket Feeder)

We asked Matt Downes of rising English death metal/hardcore supremos, Casket Feeder, to record a diary in the run up to the release of their debut album out on Friday 20 May 2022.

Day 1 – Saturday 7th May

Today is the day we recorded a music video for our third single, ‘Edge of Collapse’. The song is about the harrowing realisation that the damage we are contributing towards climate change is evidently starting to have disastrous effects around the world. For this video, we are using a projector to project climate change footage in front of us. In order to do this, I collected various royalty free stock footage throughout the week and edited this all into a video. Once the shoot finished, me and my partner had some friends over for drinks, which ended up continuing into the early hours.

Day 2 – Sunday 8th May

When I wake up, I immediately come to the realisation that I consumed far too much wine last night, and my head feels like it may explode. This is going to be one of those unproductive days where not much is achieved. Takeaway pizza is ordered and a day of watching films commences. Myself and my partner decide to have a John Carpenter marathon and watch They Live, The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China and Escape from New York.

Day 3 – Monday 9th May

Another exciting Monday morning has arrived, and despite still having a sore head as a result of partying too hard at the weekend, I’m feeling positive and optimistic about the week ahead. First on the agenda, the same as any other morning, is caffeine. Once I’ve fired up those energy levels, it’s time to feed my two dogs and take them out for a morning walk. Most of my working day is spent sitting at a desk, so it’s important to get out and exercise to keep my mental health in check. Being in a band at our level doesn’t provide any sufficient amount of income to survive on so, for my main job, I’m an AR Credit Control team leader managing all of the company’s invoices and payments. In addition to this job, I’m also a freelance graphic designer which is what I’m really passionate about. Once I’ve finished my main job, it’s time to catch up with client work. This evening I’ve got a flyer to do and also a logo for a music studio. I’m currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, so I try to make sure I do a little bit of this each day to keep on top of it. The module I’m currently doing is all around illustration, so I try to make an effort to illustrate every day to improve my skills and learn different techniques.

Day 4 – Tuesday 10th May

Tuesday follows a similar structure to Monday, and once work is completed, we have an interview and a podcast lined up to promote our upcoming debut album. We usually have band practice on Tuesdays, but, due to the interviews today, we have moved this to later in the week.

Day 5 – Wednesday 11th May

As we’re approaching our album release, we need to get our physical CDs and merch printed, so most of my day is spent going back and forth with the duplication and t-shirt printing companies that we use. All of the artwork had to be applied to their templates, so once I had completed these, I sent these over to the rest of the band to double check and make sure there were no errors. In the evening, we had another interview lined up.

Day 6 – Thursday 12th May

Today we have no interviews lined up, which is good as this gives me an opportunity to catch up with my design work. All of my client work is up to date, so I mainly focus on my uni work. The module I’m doing currently is really challenging and pushing me out of my comfort zone, which is great but can sometimes be very exhausting.

Day 7 – Friday 13th May

At long last, Friday is here. This week feels like it has dragged, but I’m feeling good, and I’ve got that Friday feeling. We have another interview lined up this evening which is a bit different to the others where we provide a track-by-track breakdown of the album. This week has been quite busy, so once the interview is finished, it’s time to relax with a few beers.

*** Casket Feeder self-release their debut album, Servants of Violence, on 20 May 2022. You can catch their album release show at The Black Heart, London on 26 May 2022.