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28 May 2024 / Hardcore
22 May 2024 / Metal
15 May 2024 / Metal
2 May 2024 / Hardcore

Nag have had a hard time balancing the school run and maintaining a professional career while venting their surplus energy into their blackened hardcore music. They received a Norwegian grammy…

19 April 2024 / Metal

The day that incels discover grindcore could be a dark day for humanity. But look at it from a different angle, and it might be beneficial to all concerned. People…

14 April 2024 / Hardcore

Los Angeles noise punk outfit, CNTS, assumed they’d have to call it a day after singer, Mike Cronk, survived a car accident but lost the use of his vocal cords.…

1 April 2024 / Metal

‘If you haven’t heard Mastiff, prepare for your intestines to rupture and your bowels to fail you. Their hybrid brand of sludge and grindcore is nastier than a bout of…

27 March 2024 / Hardcore
7 March 2024 / Hardcore
8 February 2024 / Hardcore