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9 June 2021 / Reviews

Eric Smith fronted the Virginia-based hardcore/screamo band, The Catalyst, but the chances are you’ve never heard of them if you’re a reader from outside the USA. They split in 2016,…

20 April 2021 / Metal

Cro-Mags are back once again after their triumphant return with 2020’s excellent In the Beginning album. It’s true that we run of out of superlatives to describe the man and…

15 April 2021 / Metal
1 April 2021 / Metal
26 March 2021 / Metal

How significant could it be that Pupil Slicer and Autarkh released their debut albums on the same day? The chances are you’ve seen both names plastered all over the metal…

25 March 2021 / Metal
17 December 2020 / Metal

Something has to give when Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan), Max Cavalera (ex-Sepultura/ Soulfly) and Troy Sanders (Mastodon) come together for a Killer Be Killed record. The iconic sounds of…

14 December 2020 / Metal
29 September 2020 / Metal
2 September 2020 / Metal