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20 November 2023 / Album of the Week
19 November 2023 / Metal
13 November 2023 / Album of the Week
5 November 2023 / Metal
27 October 2023 / Hardcore

Nottingham duo, Rogue Limb, formed in 2021 with a desire to create a conduit for their frustrations. Broken relationships, mental health regressions, the new political cynicism of our social media…

25 October 2023 / Hardcore

Louisiana hardcore crew, Capra, piqued the attention of the underground with their 2021 debut, In Transmission. A riotous piece of punk-infused energy with knuckle-dragging riffs and metal-plated grooves, it achieved…

22 October 2023 / Hardcore

Nashville powerviolence duo, Thetan, enter their twelfth year of existence with their latest album and show no sign of going through the motions. It’s difficult to fake passion or choreograph…

14 October 2023 / Metal
5 October 2023 / Hardcore

Guilt Trip are the underdog that will not be defeated. Manchester’s finest hardcore unit are the definition of the Adidas tagline, “Grind now, glory later.” Metal fans should be just…