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15 March 2023 / Metal
15 December 2022 / Metal

Deströyer 666 – Never Surrender

14 September 2022 / Metal

Pittsburgh thrash revivalists, Mantic Ritual, released their 2009 debut on Nuclear Blast Records and then split up a year later after touring alongside Rotting Christ and Destruction. Jeff Potts (guitars)…

11 August 2022 / Metal

Is there a variation of the alpha male with a nihilistic slacker side to his personality? Can he be the hunter and the stoner? American speed metal punks, Funeral Chic,…

3 August 2022 / Metal

Witchery are veterans of the blackened thrash scene having released their first LP back in 1998 when most bands were grappling with the disruption caused by nu metal and the…

28 April 2022 / Metal
29 March 2022 / Metal

Denmark’s Slaegt landed a deal with Century Media after impressing with 2019’s The Wheel LP. Maintaining a dedicated line-up since 2015’s Beautiful and Damned EP also helped, as did the…

6 December 2021 / Metal
22 June 2021 / Metal
22 June 2021 / Metal

We asked Marc Dyos, our favourite drummer from Phobetor and Pythia, to check out the metal scene in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This small country in the Arabian Gulf is…