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23 September 2022 / Metal

Bloodbath are not a supergroup – they’re a mega-group. The collective that unleashed 2000’s Breeding Death EP featured Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt (vocals), the Katatonia duo of Jonas Renkse (bass/vocals) and…

17 September 2022 / Metal

Slovenian death metal quartet, Ensanguinate, promise a putrid interpretation of the aging genre by going back to the beginning for inspiration. This does not mean the proto-death metal of Hellhammer…

5 May 2022 / Metal
30 March 2022 / Metal
31 January 2022 / Metal

Is there a more productive band in death metal than Sweden’s Wombbath? Fresh after releasing a thirtieth anniversary re-recording of old songs and a further full-length record in 2020, they…

20 January 2022 / Metal
19 January 2022 / Metal
14 December 2021 / Metal
23 November 2021 / Metal
16 November 2021 / Metal

French death metal duo, Autokrator, are not a conventional band in any shape or form. They mix the sinister ambience of Portal with the might of Deicide and the black…