Lifesick – Love and Other Lies EP

Hailing from Fredericia in Denmark, Lifesick are one of those bands who eschew the esoteric or the profane to instead weave songs based on personal issues. Their previous three albums – 6.0.1 (2016), Swept in Black (2018) and Misanthropy (2022) cover topics that include depression and mental illness. With three LPs full of screaming distortion and grinding guitar riffs, you might think you know what to expect from their new EP, Love and Other Lies, but the first track is a very different affair.

There are definite hints of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in the country-esque acoustic opening number, ‘Every Unpleasant Emotion’. The band swerve away from their usual electric guitars and snarling vocals to instead present something that wouldn’t be out of place soundtracking the bloody denouement of a downbeat Neo-Western movie as a world-weary singer tells the story of a boy who stole a pistol from his father.

Tracks two and three see Lifesick joined by some special guests. After the gentle introduction from the opening number, it’s back to business as usual with ‘Rude Awakening’, which features Fuming Mouth vocalist, Mark Whelan. It’s a hard-pounding, fast racing, adrenaline overdose of a track that metamorphoses into the kind of slow, mesmerising grind that would have a concert crowd slamming their heads against the barriers like a crazed metronome.

Wrapping up this bite-sized treat is the final track, ‘Reverse Birth’, with guitarist/singer Todd Jones of Nails, and it’s a classic fight song. Starting with what’s almost a signature high-pitched whine of feedback, the track dives headlong into three minutes and forty-one seconds of frantic blast beasts, guttural lyrics and occasional animal noises. It’s a hell of a way to wrap things up, and the last forty seconds or so of this affair come accompanied by the buzzing of a mass swarm of flies. Things don’t end so well for the singer despite all his claims of, “I ain’t dead yet / I still breathe / Still got a bit of fight in me”.

Love and Other Lies is a short EP, the three tracks clocking in at a hair under eleven minutes in length, but it’s a great starting point for anyone new to Lifesick’s style of metal. It showcases not only the band’s sound, but also their writing chops as they step out of the comfort zone of traditional metal to try something new. 

Shaun Rockwood


Release Date: 12/01/2024

Record Label: Metal Blade

Standout track: Reverse Birth

Suggested Further Listening: Coffin Nail – Gestaltzerfall (2019), Death – Human (1991), Vamachara – Despondent (2018)