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10 May 2022 / Metal

Ritual’s Enigma EP is one of the most anticipated records from an independent band in England. SBR brought you an exclusive on this as early as January 2022, when the…

26 April 2022 / Metal

Indian composer, Ritwik Shivam, is a skilled multi-instrumentalist and core existentialist. As a man of many talents, it should come as no surprise that his musical influences vary with the…

21 April 2022 / Metal
31 March 2022 / Dark

Nick Vasallo is a founding member of deathcore pioneers, Antagony, and vocalist and bassist of the technical death metal band, Oblivion. He’s also a music professor and award-winning composer in…

18 February 2022 / Metal

Andorran prog metal favourites, Persefone, are famous for their loyal underground following and exquisite standards of musicianship. Formed in 2001, they have five albums to their name and are now…

12 January 2022 / Metal
12 December 2021 / Metal
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