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22 June 2022 / Metal
20 June 2022 / Dark

Does anybody write funereal rock music like Pennsylvania’s Deathwhite? As with Katatonia, their roots as a gothic-tinged doom band help them to produce a forlorn musical concoction that could appeal…

2 June 2022 / Metal
18 May 2022 / Dark
8 April 2022 / Metal

Black metal legend, Abbath, is one of the genre’s most recognisable faces, thanks to his distinctive corpse paint and granulated voice. The Norwegian multi-instrumentalist’s solo career started in 2016 and…

9 March 2022 / Metal
22 February 2022 / Metal
20 January 2022 / Metal
13 December 2021 / Reviews

How do you continue with your band when you’ve lost the greatest prog-metal drummer of all time in Sean Reinert (RIP)? This is a question Cynic co-founder, Paul Masvidal, must…

19 November 2021 / Metal

Technical death metal heavyweights, Archspire, are one of the genre’s shining lights in a scene that values masturbation over matter. Other than Obscura, nobody is doing more to explore the…