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17 March 2023 / Dark

Bristol four-piece, Naut, are one of the newest signings to Season of Mist and one of the most intriguing. The French extreme music label has always supported artists in dark…

28 February 2023 / Album of the Week
8 February 2023 / Metal

Bizarrekult started as the project of Russian musician, Roman, in 2006. He relocated to Norway in this initial period of creativity before disappearing after one demo and a split-record with…

7 February 2023 / Metal
21 December 2022 / Metal
15 December 2022 / Metal

Deströyer 666 – Never Surrender

26 November 2022 / Metal
10 October 2022 / Album of the Week

*** Go to our YouTube channel in the link below to see the video review of this record in episode #8 of the SBR Album of the Week. Paradise Lost…

5 October 2022 / Metal

Gaerea’s interpretation of black metal is of the elitist philosophy school, which is never a bad thing in this genre. It’s hard to find out the identity of the band…