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7 June 2024 / Metal
11 May 2024 / Reviews

Dutch quintet, Dool, are the great hope for the future of rock in the Netherlands. Critics and industry insiders in their country want them to succeed on the international stage…

15 August 2023 / Metal
29 July 2023 / Alternative

It’s hard to know what’s more inexplicable – that fact that Australia enters the Eurovision Song Contest each year, or that a prog-metal band signed to Season of Mist represented…

31 May 2023 / Experimental
25 August 2022 / Metal

A question that remains intangible is how the merger of metal and hardcore in the late 1990s ended up being the one genre in heavy music that would be the…

21 July 2022 / Reviews
18 July 2022 / Reviews

Dillinger Escape Plan legend, Greg Puciato, returned triumphant in 2020 with his ambitious solo record, Child Soldier: Creator of God. Scream Blast Repeat gave a glowing appraisal but observed that…

15 June 2022 / Metal
19 July 2021 / Metal