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26 May 2022 / Metal
25 May 2022 / Metal
10 May 2022 / Metal
15 February 2022 / Metal

US black metal diehards know Abhoria’s guitarist, Vor (aka Trevor Portz), as the chief songwriter in Ashen Horde and will be curious to explore his new project. Signed to Prosthetic…

12 October 2021 / Metal
25 June 2021 / Metal
4 June 2021 / Reviews
28 May 2021 / Metal

The Ember, The Ash is the brainchild of Ottawa native, William Melsness. Some of you might know him for his 2019 depressive black metal album, Consciousness Torn from the Void.…

25 May 2021 / Metal

The buzz surrounding American duo Nicholas Thornbury (guitar and vocals) and Brett Boland (drums and bass) is as deafening as a food blender on the highest setting. Kataan inked a…

23 April 2021 / Metal

Horndal take their name from the Swedish town of their birth. It’s a small urban pocket in the south-east of the country with a population of just over a thousand…