Tag: progressive rock

11 June 2024 / Metal
4 June 2024 / Hardcore

Danish hardcore quartet, Demersal, are not ashamed of the “screamo” or “emoviolence” tags. Their music searches for melody in chaos and revels in vocal expressions of overflowing emotion that would…

11 May 2024 / Reviews

Dutch quintet, Dool, are the great hope for the future of rock in the Netherlands. Critics and industry insiders in their country want them to succeed on the international stage…

9 April 2024 / Dark
29 March 2024 / Metal

Norwegian prog metal unit, Vicinity, started work on their current album as early as 2020. Naturally, Covid-19 delayed things, but the band’s existential threat came in 2022 when founding vocalist,…

19 March 2024 / Reviews

Swiss post-rock quartet, Fall of Leviathan, take inspiration from all things nautical whether that be the turbulence of the oceans or the blissful serenity of the waves that caress the…

6 March 2024 / Metal
10 February 2024 / Metal
5 February 2024 / Metal