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20 December 2022 / Album of the Week
14 December 2022 / Reviews

Leeds trio, Knim, released their debut single earlier this year and grabbed the attention of those with heavier rock tastes. As a progressive trio in the mould of Karnivool and…

2 December 2022 / Metal

Threshold would be prime contenders if the rock and metal industry had a lifetime achievement award for the most underrated act. The Surrey quintet have been innovating in the progressive…

1 December 2022 / Reviews

Berlin collective, R3VO, formed in 2019 with a loose devotion to the heavier bands from the progressive rock spectrum. On their debut EP, they aim to plant a foot in…

20 November 2022 / 777
10 November 2022 / Metal
1 November 2022 / Metal

You’d think Ontario quintet, Taking Balfour, were beneficiaries of a multi-album contract from a major label after one listen to their sophomore effort. Do you remember when heavy metal bands…

20 October 2022 / Metal
28 September 2022 / Reviews