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13 September 2021 / Metal
20 August 2021 / Metal
10 August 2021 / Metal

Dorset five-piece, Anakim, are an enigma. They play an advanced form of progressive death metal with stupendous levels of musicianship and draw upon Lovecraftian lore for their lyrical themes. The…

23 July 2021 / Metal
9 July 2021 / Metal
7 July 2021 / Metal

Polish death metal experimentalists, Catharsis, released their first demo as far back as 1993 (when this reviewer was eleven years old) and have only one full length album in their…

29 June 2021 / Metal
23 June 2021 / Metal

Anyone who heard the debut EP release of Interloper’s A Revenant Legacy earlier this year will know that the Los Angeles trio carry the hopes for the next wave of…

7 June 2021 / Metal

Wes Hauch could be the nearest thing today’s generation has to a Dimebag Darrell guitar hero. You’ll know his angular rhythms and shred patterns from his work in The Faceless…

26 April 2021 / Metal