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7 June 2021 / Metal

Wes Hauch could be the nearest thing today’s generation has to a Dimebag Darrell guitar hero. You’ll know his angular rhythms and shred patterns from his work in The Faceless…

26 April 2021 / Metal
21 April 2021 / Metal
14 April 2021 / Metal
30 March 2021 / Metal

The one-year anniversary of Pestifer’s Expanding oblivion is a good excuse to review an album released before the formation of Scream Blast Repeat in April 2020. It also helps that…

19 February 2021 / Metal
17 February 2021 / Metal

Indian trio, Dead Exaltation, make it their mission to rescue tech death from its self-indulgent tendencies and back into the circle pit of mayhem. It’s no mean task to unite…

20 January 2021 / Metal

Czech prog-metal outfit, Cortex, released two acclaimed albums in 2009 (Into the Swirl) and 2012 (Eterea) and graced the stage of their country’s legendary Brutal Assault Festival on three separate…

10 November 2020 / Metal
27 August 2020 / Metal