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26 July 2022 / Hardcore
9 July 2022 / Features
26 April 2022 / Hardcore

Powerviolence quartet, Trading Hands, features some of the most recognisable names from the extreme metal scene in the English home counties. SBR readers might know one or two of them.…

24 September 2021 / Hardcore
15 June 2021 / Metal
5 January 2021 / Metal

To those of you for whom lockdown is like an inescapable citadel, Portugal’s Bas Rotten might be the band to help you smash through the walls. Throw away that chisel…

29 December 2020 / Metal

Grindcore and powerviolence are interchangeable at times, but a concoction of death metal and powerviolence is something a bit more niche. California debutants, Scalp, are keen to merge the two…

18 August 2020 / Metal
28 April 2020 / Metal

Hertfordshire’s Chinned are a ferocious live act. Singer, George Milner, warms up on stage with cross-body shoulder swings and screams in the face of the audience. The bass player soundchecks…

23 April 2020 / Metal