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30 November 2023 / Metal

English quintet, Green Lung, formed to explore the folklore, riffs and legends of Britain. Their career so far is one of continuous success. Though they only released their debut EP…

26 November 2023 / Metal

Many onlookers will know Sadus as the band of Steve DiGiorgio, who has played in some of the greatest metal acts of all time, including Death, Obituary and Testament. He…

20 November 2023 / Album of the Week
15 November 2023 / Metal
5 November 2023 / Metal
19 October 2023 / Metal

‘The days when metalcore fans used to boo them off stage and taunt them look even more absurd now they’re at the forefront of modern extreme metal. Few bands can…

24 September 2023 / Metal

The casual observer will know two things about Cryptopsy. One, they released the most respected death metal album of the mid-90s with their 1996 effort, None So Vile. Two, they…

19 September 2023 / Metal
14 September 2023 / Metal