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1 April 2021 / Metal

Alabama quintet, Erra, are architects of the progressive metalcore sound sometimes referred to as ‘Sumeriancore’ due to the cluster of bands centred around Periphery and Veil of Maya on Sumerian…

9 March 2021 / Metal
4 March 2021 / Metal

In 1999, Fear Factory released a cover of Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’ and found a new type of audience for their music. Unfortunately, many of the 80s nostalgists and trendy indie-rockers…

23 February 2021 / Metal
14 December 2020 / Metal
10 December 2020 / Metal
12 November 2020 / Metal
21 October 2020 / Metal

French quintet, Sangheilis, call their music Neocore but that term has no accompanying definition. Is it the inclusion of glitch effects or trippy synthesisers that create the neocore sound? Or…