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14 December 2020 / Metal
10 December 2020 / Metal
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21 October 2020 / Metal

French quintet, Sangheilis, call their music Neocore but that term has no accompanying definition. Is it the inclusion of glitch effects or trippy synthesisers that create the neocore sound? Or…

15 October 2020 / Metal
14 October 2020 / Metal
16 September 2020 / Metal

The history of Expander is sort of a headscratcher. They released their first full-length, Endless Computer, on NWN (Nuclear War Now!) Productions, which is the go-to label for goat-metal bands…

26 August 2020 / Metal

West Virginia’s Curses are the latest in a long line of djent-inspired metalcore bands with a plural noun for a name (think Monuments, Currents, Reflections, Novelists FR) and a cast…

28 July 2020 / Metal

As the follow up to 2018’s Black Flame, the stakes could not be higher for British metalcore heavy weights, Bury Tomorrow. So, what’s next for the Southampton metallers?  Cannibal is…