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15 April 2024 / Metal

‘Before you roll your eyes at the prospect of another metalcore artist nostalgic for the early 2000s, it’s worth stating that Wristmeetrazor are not one of those poser bands that…

13 April 2024 / Metal

Erra silenced the critics with their 2021 self-titled album at a time when people were ready to write off progressive metalcore as a tried genre. ‘Erra’s self-titled effort has the…

8 April 2024 / Metal
20 March 2024 / Metal
27 December 2023 / Metal
9 December 2023 / Metal

Laang’s vocalist and guitarist, Haitao Yang, has an incredible story to tell. He survived a bullet to the head during a carjacking and remembers a hallucinatory nightmare world beyond death…

26 November 2023 / Metal
19 November 2023 / Metal
11 November 2023 / Metal
12 October 2023 / Metal

Norwegian metalcore quartet, Atena, celebrate a decade of noise with their fifth album, Subway Anthem. They’ve come a long way since their self-released 2013 debut, which sounded like every other…