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15 March 2024 / Metal
8 March 2024 / Metal

Scottish romantic metal duo, Hand of Kalliach, raised expectation levels after releasing their debut album three years ago. ‘It’s clear… [they] are yet to finish mapping out the terrain of…

9 November 2023 / Metal
4 July 2023 / Metal

Tech death and melodic death metal are two of the least interesting sub-genres in metal, which bedevils Israeli quintet, Structural, before you’ve even heard a note of their music. Add…

12 May 2023 / Metal

Ukrainian quintet, Ignea, are unique for discovering their sound and purpose as early as their 2017 debut, The Sign of Faith. Scream Blast Repeat enjoyed their 2020 follow-up, The Realms…

4 May 2023 / Metal
12 April 2023 / Metal
21 February 2023 / Metal

In Flames can be proud of their influence on heavy music as one of the pioneers of melodic death metal along with At the Gates and Dark Tranquillity. For inexplicable…

17 February 2023 / Metal
14 February 2023 / Metal