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24 January 2023 / Metal

Norwegian noise terrorists, Frostbitt, aim to disrupt. Their music is as iconoclastic as metal can be with riffs that resemble dupstep drops and glitchy squeal effects that sound like a…

14 December 2022 / Hardcore
8 November 2022 / Metal
24 October 2022 / Album of the Week
10 September 2022 / Album of the Week
10 September 2022 / Metal

Who remembers the importance of Italy’s Ephel Duath in 2003 when metal entered a period of reinvention after the demise of nu metal, the rise of black metal, and the…

18 July 2022 / Hardcore

Texas trio, Mothman, play the type of chaotic hardcore that dispenses with the punk origins but retains its original spirit. Gone are the days when hardcore bands used to get…

26 June 2022 / Features

US math-grind duo, Pound, caught the imagination with their 2019 sophomore effort and are here in the UK for an extended tour of Europe. Their travels through England culminate with…

9 June 2022 / Hardcore