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29 May 2024 / Metal

Italian quartet, Syk, are an example of perseverance. Signed by Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records for their 2016 sophomore album and lauded as the next big thing in progressive death metal,…

1 March 2024 / Metal
24 December 2023 / Metal

Italian prog metal quartet, Mind Control, released their debut record in 2014 and then went into hibernation. The reasons for this inertia are unknown, but nine years is a long…

31 January 2023 / Dark
20 January 2023 / Dark

Neo-classical darkwave unit, Dismal, might have the most inaccurate name of all time to describe the mood of their art. Their music is anything but dismal. Formed in Italy in…

26 September 2022 / Album of the Week