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19 January 2023 / Metal
18 January 2023 / Metal

Ukrainian quartet, Aghiazma, achieved minor fame in their homeland after reaching the semi-finals of the 2017 Eurovision heats as a visual-kei gothic rock act. Their career kickstarted a year later…

3 November 2022 / Metal
16 August 2022 / industrial

‘After three listens, this reviewer can find no structure to any of the songs, yet the music is still captivating,’ said SBR in our review of Fearsore’s 2020 album, Wetworks.…

7 July 2022 / industrial
8 June 2022 / Metal
1 June 2022 / Metal
23 May 2022 / Metal

Canadian metal supergroup, Imonolith, released their debut in 2020 and worked through the pandemic on a follow-up EP. This evolved into a long play record, and now the band are…

1 March 2022 / Metal

French industrial groove metallers, Dagoba, seem to be something of a persistent commerical hope in the industry. EMI France, Century Media and Season of Mist have all had them on…