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13 March 2024 / Metal

California metal unit, Contortion, have a long history and a short discography. They formed in 2003 and released two albums before founding guitarist and vocalist, Brian Stone, left to join…

25 January 2024 / Metal
14 November 2023 / Metal
22 October 2023 / Metal

Caregah garnered attention outside of Sweden with their fourth video-single, ‘Tomahawk’, in 2022. As a vibrant mix of sludge and stoner metal, it appeared on their debut Forsaken EP, released…

8 October 2023 / Metal
14 September 2023 / Metal
2 September 2023 / Reviews

English prog metal veterans, Threshold, dazzled minds with last year’s Dividing Lines album, but their predecessor record is the raison d’etre for Oblivion Protocol’s existence. Threshold keyboardist, Richard West, enjoyed…

19 July 2023 / Metal

Canterbury quintet, Struck/Down, are in the elite of unsigned artists to have won a regional final of the UK’s premier battle-of-the-bands competition, Metal 2 the Masses. They started as a…

10 June 2023 / Reviews
25 May 2023 / Metal