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17 June 2022 / Metal

Burner have momentum. They also have vigour. As one of London’s newest extreme metal outfits to emerge over the last eighteen months, their trajectory is enviable. They signed their first…

8 June 2022 / Metal
2 June 2022 / Metal
1 June 2022 / Metal

Gonemage is the solo project of Texan extreme metal isolationist, Garry Brents, who takes Nintendo protagonist Wario as his inspiration for the themes and concepts of his records. Before you…

18 May 2022 / Metal

New York’s Skullshitter are as uncompromising and hostile as their name suggests. They also have a sense of humour and a mission to inject doses of psychedelia and Satan worship…

26 April 2022 / Hardcore

Powerviolence quartet, Trading Hands, features some of the most recognisable names from the extreme metal scene in the English home counties. SBR readers might know one or two of them.…

23 February 2022 / Metal
7 December 2021 / Metal
2 December 2021 / Metal
24 November 2021 / Metal