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30 January 2024 / Metal
5 December 2023 / Metal

Italian symphonic metal unit, Secret Rule, are one of the hardest-working bands in the scene. Though formed in 2014, UNiNVERSE will be their seventh album and the fifth consecutive release…

25 September 2023 / Metal
30 July 2023 / Metal
28 February 2023 / Album of the Week
1 February 2023 / Metal

Grá have a rich heritage in black metal with current Dark Funeral frontman, Heljarmadr, on guitars and vocals, and Godhead Machinery guitarist, Niklas Ekwall, joining for their latest album. Now…

20 January 2023 / Dark

Neo-classical darkwave unit, Dismal, might have the most inaccurate name of all time to describe the mood of their art. Their music is anything but dismal. Formed in Italy in…

17 January 2023 / Metal

Russian multi-instrumentalist, Alex Evensen, is a newcomer on the black metal scene, having released his debut record under the name of Frostnatt in 2021. He’s by no means a hermit…

6 January 2023 / Metal
14 December 2022 / Metal