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10 June 2021 / Metal
5 May 2021 / Metal
11 March 2021 / Metal

Italian gore metal outfit, Tenebro, love their Lucio Fulci horror films as much as their Exhumed and Repulsion records. According to legend, the duo formed over a decade ago but…

10 February 2021 / Metal

California gore-grind outfit, Dipygus, dazzled the underground with 2019’s DeathOoze and return once more to remind us that their pus-dribbling interpretation of metal is a unique concoction for the depraved…

29 December 2020 / Metal
24 December 2020 / Metal
3 December 2020 / Metal

You’re probably asking why Scream Blast Repeat decided to publish their review of the new Carcass EP a month after the release date. Allow us to explain. Like all metalheads,…