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17 November 2022 / Metal
4 November 2022 / Metal

Goregrind mastermind, Matt Harvey, is now on his ninth album with Exhumed and shows no signs of slowing down. His band need no introduction in the goregrind and extreme metal…

4 August 2022 / Metal

Canadian slasher enthusiasts, VHS, spend most of their time watching the old video nasties, writing goregrind songs, and collaborating with other artists. What a life when you can alternate between…

2 June 2022 / Metal
5 May 2022 / Metal
4 January 2022 / Metal
10 June 2021 / Metal
5 May 2021 / Metal
11 March 2021 / Metal

Italian gore metal outfit, Tenebro, love their Lucio Fulci horror films as much as their Exhumed and Repulsion records. According to legend, the duo formed over a decade ago but…

10 February 2021 / Metal

California gore-grind outfit, Dipygus, dazzled the underground with 2019’s DeathOoze and return once more to remind us that their pus-dribbling interpretation of metal is a unique concoction for the depraved…