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30 April 2024 / Metal

Scream Blast Repeat lauded Vulture’s 2021 album, Dealin’ Death, and called it ‘fun and fiendish, just as it should be from a thrash band with a love of horror culture…

20 March 2024 / Metal
11 March 2024 / Dark

German experimentalists, Tvinna, are the shared vision of Laura and Rafael Fella. The former has been a member of pagan folk/darkwave icons, Faun, since 2017, while the latter is the…

6 March 2024 / Metal
15 January 2024 / Metal

German quintet, Breed, make no secret of their reason for existing – they love old-school Bay Area thrash. Guitarists, Maik Ramroth and Sascha Rink, are veterans of the Lower Saxony…

27 December 2023 / Metal
4 December 2023 / Album of the Week
7 July 2023 / Metal

Symphonic deathcore should be one of the most invigorating movements in modern metal. The dramatic orchestral hits, cement-mixer drums, and absurd throat transgressions are repugnant to most people and exhilarating…

6 July 2023 / Experimental