Tag: experimental metal

18 March 2023 / Experimental

French quartet, Hypno5e, are one of the most ambitious bands in the world. They call their music cinematographic metal and would not be offended if you called their art pretentious.…

31 January 2023 / Dark
20 November 2022 / 777
15 November 2022 / Metal

Greek black metal duo, VOAK, wear their progressive politics on their robes. They’re anti-fascist, pro-feminist and LGBTQ-positive. The good news is you cannot hear these ideological convictions in the experimental…

15 November 2022 / Metal

Not content with producing one of the albums of the year, French-Canadian prog metal legends, Voivod, are back with a new EP and a European tour with Opeth this month.…

10 November 2022 / Metal
30 October 2022 / Album of the Week