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14 September 2021 / Metal
10 September 2021 / Metal
17 August 2021 / Metal

New York blackened doom metal quartet, Dimentianon, released their debut album as far back as 2003 and now present their first record in eleven years following a decade of line-up…

12 August 2021 / Metal
10 August 2021 / Metal

Bristol’s blackened doom metal fiends, Moon Reaper, care nothing for your health. They want your lungs to implode and your chest to collapse when they step on the distortion pedal.…

6 August 2021 / Metal

Ghorot aim to incorporate doom, sludge and black metal into a miasma of despair and destruction. Stripped down to the core sound of distorted guitars, drums, bass and agonising vocal…

3 August 2021 / Metal
18 May 2021 / Metal