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27 February 2024 / Metal
6 February 2024 / Dark
30 November 2023 / Metal

English quintet, Green Lung, formed to explore the folklore, riffs and legends of Britain. Their career so far is one of continuous success. Though they only released their debut EP…

5 November 2023 / Metal
31 October 2023 / Metal
26 October 2023 / Metal

Hertfordshire doom metal quartet, Gévaudan (pronounced zyuh-vuh-dan), are one of south-east England’s best kept secrets. Formed in 2013, they celebrate their tenth year of existence with their sophomore release following…

8 October 2023 / Metal

Spanish death-doom quartet, SolNegre, formed as late as 2022, yet they unleash their debut album upon us as if accumulating sixty-five minutes of material that could no longer stay inactive…