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18 June 2024 / Metal

Louisiana sludge metal titans, Thou, are kings of the EP (they have fourteen in their discography), and they’ve done more splits than a gymnast (they have sixteen split records in…

7 June 2024 / Reviews
19 May 2024 / Metal
11 May 2024 / Reviews

Dutch quintet, Dool, are the great hope for the future of rock in the Netherlands. Critics and industry insiders in their country want them to succeed on the international stage…

7 May 2024 / Metal
18 April 2024 / Metal
12 April 2024 / Experimental

Texas quintet, Kólga, want to revitalise surf rock with a dose of black metal. They call their experiment “nautical horror”. You might assume they’re a novelty act, but that would…

29 March 2024 / Metal
27 February 2024 / Metal