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London death metallers, Vacuous, caught the attention of SBR in 2020 with their Katabasis EP. We called their debut release an ‘apprenticeship and badge of integrity’ and noted that ‘it…

14 October 2022 / Metal

Autopsy have an excuse for partying like it’s 1989. They reformed in 2009 after releasing four albums and pioneering the raw punk-infused death metal that would go on to influence…

10 September 2022 / Metal

Who remembers the importance of Italy’s Ephel Duath in 2003 when metal entered a period of reinvention after the demise of nu metal, the rise of black metal, and the…

4 August 2022 / Metal

Canadian slasher enthusiasts, VHS, spend most of their time watching the old video nasties, writing goregrind songs, and collaborating with other artists. What a life when you can alternate between…