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28 February 2023 / Album of the Week
3 February 2023 / Metal

Swedish legends, Katatonia, are one of the most distinctive artists in heavy guitar music. They started as a vicious death-doom band in the early 1990s but retooled their sound in…

19 January 2023 / Metal
9 December 2022 / Metal
15 September 2022 / Metal
30 August 2022 / Dark

You should be worried when a metal band stop listening to their Black Sabbath records in favour of The Beatles. Dawnwalker produced one of the finest progressive/post-metal albums of 2020…

20 June 2022 / Dark

Does anybody write funereal rock music like Pennsylvania’s Deathwhite? As with Katatonia, their roots as a gothic-tinged doom band help them to produce a forlorn musical concoction that could appeal…

28 July 2021 / Reviews

Corfu quintet, Fragment Soul, are an unusual proposition. Draconian vocalist, Heike Langhans, is a part-time member of the band, and they pivot their sound towards the darker side of the…

25 May 2021 / Metal