Tag: dark ambient

2 May 2023 / Experimental

The prospect of a two-track LP that goes on for one hour and thirty-five minutes is the stuff of nightmares for a music reviewer, especially when your output depends on…

22 December 2021 / Dark

The duo behind All Are to Return are as anonymous as Carlos the Jackal. We know nothing about their identities or nationalities or previous musical output. Year zero is where…

19 August 2021 / Dark
11 August 2021 / Ambient
10 March 2021 / Dark
24 December 2020 / 777
24 November 2020 / Ambient

Portland, Oregon might be known as the City of Roses, but the music of Scard’s J. Huston suggests it might also be a portal into the abyss, like the dark…

23 September 2020 / Dark