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15 February 2023 / Dark
20 December 2022 / Album of the Week
7 December 2022 / Alternative
6 December 2022 / 777
4 December 2022 / 777

Welcome to a new category for our end-of-year lists. Every year we publish various awards for the records that we most enjoyed, yet we overlook EP releases. Think of some…

2 November 2022 / Dark
6 September 2022 / Metal

‘The attention to detail and intricate precision of the many layers makes for a fascinating experience. Oh, and it’s heavy as fuck,’ is how we described Might’s debut LP back…

23 June 2022 / Experimental

Jaani Peuhu is one of Finland’s most respect musicians as the singer and songwriter of electronic darkwave act, Iconcrash. Metal fans will know him as the man who provided the…

20 June 2022 / Dark

Does anybody write funereal rock music like Pennsylvania’s Deathwhite? As with Katatonia, their roots as a gothic-tinged doom band help them to produce a forlorn musical concoction that could appeal…

18 May 2022 / Dark