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23 December 2023 / Hardcore

Manchester hardcore crew, Going Off, somehow bypassed Scream Blast Repeat in 2023 with their debut album, What Makes You Tick? So, what better way to attract our attention than an…

1 December 2023 / Metal

Nottingham’s Underdark might be the bleakest band in Britain. They use the searing hostility of black metal and the white-hot aggression of post-metal and look for melody in places where…

12 October 2023 / Dark

‘Blodet are masters of unease and foreboding and show that the minimalist approach is often the most powerful,’ remarked Scream Blast Repeat when reviewing 2021’s excellent Vision EP. Since then,…

9 September 2023 / Metal
21 August 2023 / Dark
10 August 2023 / Metal
2 August 2023 / Features
3 July 2023 / Album of the Week
9 May 2023 / Metal

Brighton sci-fi sludge lords, Wallowing, are an unforgettable live act. Each band member wears a black beekeeper mask and trilby with a fluorescent green chest torch. Their artwork and lyrical…