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20 April 2024 / Metal
3 April 2024 / Metal

Twenty years between albums is a monumental hiatus for a band. Tennessee death metal trio, Brodequin (pronounced “bro-dah-kay”), are the latest to return from an extended absence of two decades,…

15 November 2023 / Metal
24 September 2023 / Metal

The casual observer will know two things about Cryptopsy. One, they released the most respected death metal album of the mid-90s with their 1996 effort, None So Vile. Two, they…

18 September 2023 / Album of the Week
18 July 2023 / Metal

Stoner dudes playing metal is nothing new, but stoners playing brutal death metal (BDM) is rare. It might explain why Smoke is more enjoyable than your average slam record. Snuffed…

16 March 2023 / Metal
22 December 2022 / Metal
16 November 2022 / Metal

A deal with Unique Leader Records is the absolute ceiling for most brutal death metal (BDM) bands. The monotonous chug riffs, absurd drum triggers, and strangulated gurgle noises alienate ninety-nine…

16 August 2022 / Metal