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15 February 2024 / Metal
13 September 2023 / Metal

Indianapolis thrash quartet, Graveripper, started life as a solo project of Corey Parks (vocalist/guitarist) under the name of Death Ensemble. They changed to their present moniker in 2019 and released…

26 July 2023 / Metal

English black metal unit, Deitus, are the type of band Terrorizer magazine would have liked. Unfortunately, they released their debut album in the year of the magazine’s demise (2016), but…

13 June 2023 / Metal

Evil Brain Taste will not win any plaudits in high art circles, but the English duo could not give a shit what people think. As self-proclaimed purveyors of ‘puerile toilet…

15 March 2023 / Metal
3 March 2023 / Metal
15 December 2022 / Metal

Deströyer 666 – Never Surrender

21 October 2022 / Metal
28 July 2022 / Metal

Mike Hill’s New York metal collective, Tombs, released one of the best albums of 2020 with Under Sullen Skies. Their abundance of critical accolades since 2009’s Winter Hours is as…

30 June 2022 / Metal

Maryland trio, Yatra, are one of the most productive bands in metal. Formed in 2018, Born into Chaos is their fourth album in as many years and their first for…