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26 July 2022 / Metal
10 June 2022 / Metal

Lord Belial would be firm favourites if the critics invented a prize for Sweden’s most underrated metal band. You can still hear their influence on some of the more obscure…

8 June 2022 / Metal
6 June 2022 / Metal

Lars ‘Lazare’ Nedland formed Black Void as the counterpart to his melodic hard rock band, White Void. You’ll already know him as a founder member of avant-garde black metal legends,…

30 May 2022 / Dark
23 May 2022 / Metal
11 May 2022 / Metal

The Scottish metal scene is a thriving metropolis for artists north of the English border and even attracts funding from the National Lottery through its sister agency, Creative Scotland. One…

9 May 2022 / Metal
8 April 2022 / Metal

Black metal legend, Abbath, is one of the genre’s most recognisable faces, thanks to his distinctive corpse paint and granulated voice. The Norwegian multi-instrumentalist’s solo career started in 2016 and…