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5 August 2022 / Experimental
25 July 2022 / Experimental
30 May 2022 / Dark
24 May 2022 / Features
11 April 2022 / Metal

The image of four bearded Frenchmen in pink polo shirts and tight white cotton slacks might give you the wrong idea about Tranzat. They look like they’re warming up for…

10 April 2022 / Metal

The most influential metal band on the planet are back with their ninth album, and the chances are you either venerate their towering inspiration on modern music or curse them…

1 March 2022 / Metal

Manuel Gagneux comes from a musical family, which may explain why, like Jeff Buckley, he has that special something that distinguishes him from most other musicians. As a Swiss African…

6 January 2022 / Experimental