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21 May 2024 / Reviews

West Yorkshire electronic rockers, Deadaudiosaints, started as a project in 2014 between brothers, Danny Jones (vocals/synth) and Corey Jones (bass/guitars/synth), with their childhood friend, Damon Head, occupying the drum stool…

17 April 2024 / Reviews

The transformation of Sons of Alpha Centauri is as radical as The Human League’s reinvention from avant-garde electronic futurists to synth-pop stars following the departure of Martyn Ware, and Philip…

7 March 2024 / Hardcore
3 February 2024 / Reviews
11 November 2023 / Metal
12 October 2023 / Metal

Norwegian metalcore quartet, Atena, celebrate a decade of noise with their fifth album, Subway Anthem. They’ve come a long way since their self-released 2013 debut, which sounded like every other…

9 October 2023 / Album of the Week